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at this hour investigators are on the scene of san jose 45th homicide of the year. we'll tell you what led up to this deadly scene. it has been one week since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults inside a connecticut elementary school.
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how the victims memories are being honored across the country today. you can see the lines are getting longer. things are getting busier at san francisco international airport. we'll show you what the conditions are like right now and why the conditions may change. wet, windsy conditions marching through parts of the bay area this morning. i'll have what you can expectcoming -- expect coming up. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day friday december 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm tori campbell in for pam cook. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. rosemary is in for steve. this is the first day of winter. >> you are right. the arrival of winter. here comes the winter storm. actually we're not as cold out there this morning. the winter chill will subside with this moist more mild air in place. with the cloudy conditions overhead temperatures anywhere from 10-20 degrees warmer.
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we've got rain falling over the north bay. you can see steady moisture pulling in. we see heavier rainfall. clear lake down into hidden valley. and it's off the bay or off the coast i should say heading into highway 1. this will continue to transition south. i will show you what you can expect for the morning drive and i'll have your look at the weekend coming up. good morning, sal. good morning. we have news chopper 2 here live at the new park mall where some 300 people are in line trying to get air jordans that go on sale today. these are live pictures from news chopper 2. you can see security is lined up there. and people are very serious about the shoes. as you know in the past unfortunately we've had incident where is people were fighting in line to get the shoes. they are air jordan shoes they
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are very popular. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we are also following developing news in san jose. police are investigating a fatal stabbing. ktvu janine de la vega is on the scene and tells us what police say they have led up to the violence. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. in the last half hour homicide investigators arrived here on the scene. right now they are on the backside of the building. starting to collect evidence. what we do know is that the stabbing happened while a party was going on at one of the businesses that you see right there. it's called the agency. just after 3:00 this morning police were called to the photography business on oakland road. officers say a party with about 30 minute was going when a fight broke out and a man got somebodied in his stomach. he was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly there after. >> we got several witnesses
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that are taking the police officer. >> musers says that were sever witness that left the scene while they arrived. one guest told us it was a graduation party. officers say the man who died was in his 30s. his identity is not been released yet. officers when we spoke with them, they were not sure if the actual stabbing happened inside the business or if it happened outside in the parking lot. but we're told that in the next hour or so, another police spokesperson will be coming out to speak bus and hoping to get more information then. reporting live janine de la vega. your time 6:04. if you are heading for the airport today, plan ahead. give yourself plenty of time. ktvu allie rasmus is live at sfo right now where thousands plan to travel for the holidays. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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dave. you can see a lot of the folks already here. this is the after check in line to check your luggage here. there is a little bit of a line here. if you take a look at the curb you can see we've seen a lot of taxis and shuttles and cars. people dropping off passengers. passengers unloading as they head into their flights here. this airport is busy but it's not unmanageable. there are not huge lines to deal with. the only place you might see a delay is getting the security line at sfo. this is what it looked like about 15 minutes ago. i just poked my head in right before the live shot and the security line is still pretty dense. this is the peak travel day of the holiday season with 130,000 people expected to pass through san francisco international airport today. two million people are expect to come through this airport between now and january 6th. this is definitely a busy time of year. some travelers we talked to said they knew there would be high demand for the holiday
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flights. they knew it would be crowded before they got here. >> flying into san francisco is okay but flying back especially on this day it was twice the price. >> reporter: we just checked with the airport duty manager she tells us there are no cancellations to report this morning. when we did a quick check of the board, we could only find one flight that was delayed. that is a flight heading from sfo to philadelphia. it was delayed by an hour. most arrivals seem to be coming in on time as well. keep in mind all of this could change. there is rain heading south. it's not at sfo right now. any time you get the rainstorms and wind, it does tend to effect travel here at san francisco international airport. the advice is the same as always. check into your flights early. check ahead of time and make
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sure that things are going according to planned. live at sfo allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:06. now almost 20 inches of snow fell in madison, wisconsin. all part of a bad winter storm that disrupted air travel all over the country. in fact, the university of wisconsin madison postponed final exams. starting to taper. it leaves seven lets in the j are to blame. it's 6:07. one week ago today we were all stunned by the newtown, connecticut school shooting massacre. in a half hour at 6:30 there will be a national moment of silence in memory of the victims. churches in connecticut will ring their bells 26 times in honor of the 20 students and six adults killed.
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we will go to newtown at that time to cover that memorial and those bells ringing. there will be funerals and memorials for four children and two of the adults killed. >> all of us have a son or daughter or nephew or cousin. all of us feel connected to children. and those who help children. >> investigators say they still have yet to find a motive for the mass shooting. and another shooting victim has been laid to rest in new hampshire. the funeral for nancy lanza the mother of the gunman was held yesterday at an undisclosed location in the town of kingston. approximately 25 family members attended that ceremony. there have been numerous vigils across the country and in the bay area. this morning a south bay -- the dominican sisters will hold a vigil at its chapel in mission
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boulevard. and it is open to people of any faith. time now 6:08. new this morning president obama says his administration is getting an outpouring of support for tougher gun control laws after the connecticut school shootings. >> and in the days since the heartbreaking tragedy in newtown, connecticut. hundreds of thousands of you from all 50 states have signed petitions asking us to take serious steps to address the epidemic of gun violence. >> the president says he's particularly encouraged by comments from gun owners who say there are steps the country can take to prevent more deadly shootings. president obama directed vice president joe biden to head up a traffic force to come up with gun laws. the national rifle association will hold a news corn over the debate of gun control. that very powerful gun lobby says it's prepared to offer meaningful contributions to prevent mass shootings. this will be the nra's first
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public response to the school shooting. a woman is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after police say a car hit a group of people near san francisco twin peaks. the four victims were walking near a scenic outlook when they say a car came speeding by around 9:00 last night. one of them managed to get out of the way but the others appeared to have hit by the car and knocked can the be ktvu he was visiting from wisconsin i the caret i police detained the driver and we're checking to see if was under the influence. about 800 chef reason workers will be moved to texas. chevron says the workers will be relocated to houston. that is where the company has
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the biggest base of operations. they are all involved in information and advance energy technologies. most of that work is already being done in texas. but chevron says its headquarters will stay in california. 6:11 is the time. we want to check in with sal. see what is happening on the roads on this first day of winter. >> we are looking at also the large crowd at the new park mall. big crowd in line for shoes here. a lot of police and security at the store where they are going to be selling air jordans. it's an organized line here. we did know that a lot of police officers from newark and fremont are here to make sure things don't get out of hand. a lot of people in line there. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't have a big backup. there is a little bit of a backup in some of the lanes. no major problem ons this bridge or other bridges. san mateo bridge looking pretty good getting over to the peninsula. now 6:11 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you we
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should begin to feel a light rain falling over parts of the bay bridge. for the most part, it's been in the north bay stuck with this rain now for several hours. it is shifting ever so slight slowly now into the bay area. i see a few sprinkles and over the richmond san rafael bridge if this is your morning commute. in addition to breezy conditions you can see rain here. light to moderate rain falling over parts of the north bay. continuing to shift around. a moment ago. this cell has pushed off to the east. but again anywhere from light to moderate throughout parts of santa rosa, calistoga and off the coastline we see moderate rain here along highway 1. this will continue to move in and we'll see light to moderate rain over san rafael. this storm is the first in a number of storms that will come our way in time for your holiday weekend. the first one beginning to shift. it's moving slowly. by 8:00 or 9:00 you'll be down
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into the south bay. the morning drive it will be wet for most of us. and windy in some cases. wind advisory for the bay area. we'll have more on that in a moment. this is the parent system that will continue to bring us rain. we have another storm for saturday. a third storm on sunday. for today anywhere from tenth to half inch of rain. the north bay we'll see half inch to an inch. wind advisory for san francisco and the coast until 10:00 this morning. our hills are seeing the gusts as well. mt. diablo reporting 50 miles an hour. half-moon bay reported 35 miles an hour. winter storm warning for the sierra will last until sunday night. numbers not so bad. 40s to low 50s. mid to upper 50s in the forecast for this afternoon. numbers won't change a whole lot. we'll cool a little bit sunday, monday into tuesday. the chance for rain tapering off sunday night and leave an opportunity for scattered showers monday into tuesday. we'll have a break down of that
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timeline coming up. maybe now they will come up with a plan c. what is going to happen now after house speaker john boehner had to cancel a vote on his fiscal cliff plan b. just days before christmas bay area company is recalling thousands of holiday decorations. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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it sparks a movement. look ! no ugly spots ! and see that shine ! you've got to try finish. because once they try finish,
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they can't keep it to themselves. i'm switching for good. wow ! awesome ! finish is seriously good. cannot believe how great it works. incredible shine. i won't use anything else. love, love, love finish ! so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. it is 6:16. new information this morning. we will hear from the top republican in congress after he failed to get enough support
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from his own party to vote on his plan b and avehicle code going over the fiscal cliff. ktvu kyla campbell joins us live. >> reporter: tori, speaker boehner is going to talk in about 45 minutes. it will be the fist time boehner is speaking out after a called off vote last night. there was not enough republican support to vote on boehner's plan b which would have raised taxes on those making more than $1 million a year. last night boehner released a statement saying it is now up to president obama and senate majority leader harry reid to come up with a plan. democratic congresswoman debbie said this morning boehner and the president had just a short distance to go before reaching a deal. >> that is the speaker throwing up his hands and advocating his responsibility to come to the negotiating table. >> reporter: the president says he is confident he and congress can quickly work together to come up with a deal before the deadline which is now just ten days away.
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live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. president obama and vice president joe biden will join mourners today at a attribute to sergeant daniel. he die add the age of 88. yesterday the mourners paid their respects inside the capitol. senator inouye who represented ohio for 50 years lost an arm in world war ii and he was considered a war hero. he died on monday of respiratory complications. tomorrow his body will be returned to hawaii. a former marine praised for guarding a school near modesto apparently lied about his service. on monday craig showed up at hughson elementary school in uniform to stand guard. the former marine told the medesto bee he was a sergeant in the marine reserve and deployed to iraq and
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afghanistan. the marine corp said he never served overseas and discharged as a private after serving mine months. he told mattering corp times he had been misquoted by the medesto bee but the paper accident happened by its story. let's go back to sal. how are we doing on this friday light? >> it is a little bit. we will be looking at some of the commutes for you. it looks like there are people going but not as busy as it was for example on monday. let's go out to the east shore freeway you can see there are people out there on 80 westbound. so it's not completely just clear. westbound 80 traffic does move well as you drive to the mccarthur maze and to relatively uncrowded bay bridge toll plaza. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway that commute has not been really thick. if you are driving down to union city or fremont traffic looks good. speaking of nu ark let's go -- speaking of newark let's go live to news chopper 2. air
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jordans come out today. police and security there to make sure things stay peaceful. they will be there for another few hours before they can actually buy the shoes. let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. giving you a live look at what is happening out there. a little tough to tell but we have a little rain in some areas. not in oakland just yet. still mostly cloudy. a very steady run. it's all the way down to right near the golden gate. south of that we are still dealing with dry conditions. it's snow shifting into the central by by 9:00. by noontime scattered showers but very wide spread. this will be the case all of friday. if you have evening plans maybe a holiday party, bring the umbrella you will need it. morning temperatures not bad at all. 40s outside your door. mid to upper 40s in fairfield. for the afternoon mid to upper 50s in the forecast. with breaks in the rain for the second half of your day into
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the weekend. saturday morning we have rain on tap. scattered showers for the second half of the day. sunday it looks like an all day rain event. i'll bring that to you and somehow you the extended timeline. looks like monday into tuesday christmas evening christmas day possibility of rain will be with us. 6:21. americans earned a little more money in november. this morning the commerce department reports personal income climbed six tenths of a percent last month. that is the biggest single month gain since february that boosted consumer spending by four tenths of a percent. americans say the other two tenths% boosting the savings rate to 3.6%. that is the highest level in four months. thousands of christmas ornaments and decorations are being recalled by a bay area importer. mold has been discovered in nearly 50,000 picture frames, decorative boxes, and 24 styles of christmas ornaments made in the philippines. all of them are made out of heavy paper stock and covered
6:23 am
with metallic looking resin that encollude a hang tag with a pa iris label. all the items should be put in a container and returned. a battle over medical marijuana between the city of oakland and the federal government. why the city says the largest pot dispensary in america should stay open even if it breaks federal law.
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welcome back. 6:25. a legal battle between the city of oakland and the federal government over a marijuana dispensary the biggest one in the country. the harbor side health center has 100,000 patients. it earns more than $20 million a year by selling medical marijuana. now the federal government wants to shut it down. and seize the property. the judge is now considering whether this landmark case should go to trial. the city of oakland by the way is siding with the center which by the way pays a lot of taxes. >> it's like the federal government to stop the tragic waste of resources on trying to shut down our legitimate regulations that earn compliance of california law.
6:27 am
>> attorneys say case law may support throwing out the federal action on a statue of limitations technicality. prosecutors say large marijuana operations are prone to abusing state marijuana laws and allowing pot to fall into the hands of people without medical marijuana certificates. your time 6:26. let's check our commute. sal is back. you are checking on things now right? >> that is right. we are looking at the south bay. just look at what is going on with the 280 commute which is usually very busy still seems as if people are on the road get into the west valley. although you will see traffic that is going to be a little lighter than usual. 680 still has people coming through the fremont area. and 580 we are getting a little bit of a crowd. let's go to rose mare marry. we are looking at wet weather continuing for your friday. a look here at where we are getting hit pretty good. we have light to moderate rain. it's taking its time but it is
6:28 am
shifting south ever so slowly. some moderate to heavy rain right now over calistoga and st. helena. we will continue with the rain. breezy conditions. wind advisory until 10:00. by the afternoon paid spread scattered showers and wet weekend ahead. i will detail that for you coming up. 6:27. from coast to coast a attribute to the victims of a connecticut school shooting. the nation-wide moment of silence in just a couple of minutes from right now. we are live in san jose where a party at a business park turns deadly. we'll have the latest on this investigation. plus the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. tori will have the early stock numbers.
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stocks are expected to
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plummet today. basically evaporating hopes a deal would be reached soon. we'll be monitoring that as markets open. >> we will say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday december 21st i'm dave clark. >> and i'm tori campbell. in for pam cook. it's now 6:30. from the bay area to newtown, connecticut people are preparing to observe a moment of violence for the victim's of last friday's school shooting. they are ringing the bell 26 times.
6:32 am
>> and we again have been watching the bells that were rung 26 times at the trinity eyepiece by cool church which is at sandy hook elementary school in honor of the 20
6:33 am
children and six adults killed there. exactly one week ago it was 9:30 connecticut time when the shooting started happening at that sandy hook elementary school. there are obviously no remarks scheduled for this memorial at this church. we saw three people ringing the bell. at least two clergy member there is. and states are taking part in a moment of silence as well. including colorado, oregon, and nevada. governor jerry brown in fact asked all californians to pause and reflect at this moment. president obama and the first lady also observing moments of silence from the white house at exactly 6:30 this friday morning. one week since the shootings at sandy hook elementary school. another interesting development that could happen right now. traffic on the internet is expected to plummet. gun control supporters created the website calling for a web
6:34 am
blackout. it's an online moment of silence for the newtown shooting victims. companies taking part include aol and adobe. celebrities taking part include former californian governor arnold schwarzenegger, former 49er quarterback joe montana, mc hammer, and twitter cofounder jack darsey. police and federal agents are combing through the records of a gun shop. police raided the business after learning the store has a history of weapons being stolen. on saturday a man with a history of schizophrenia reportedly stole an assault rifle that has since been found. the man had previously been accused of stealing a dozen rifles and shotguns from the same store. police also believe nancy lanza the mother of the shooter at sandy hook bought a gun at the store that was later used in
6:35 am
that shooting rampage. our time 6:33. here you see buddhist monks that were among a diverse group of people at this newtown connecticut memorial. it was held at the santa clara county building. it also featured this christmas tree with photographs of each first grader and educator who were shot and killed. >> the presents under your christmas trees at home that are waiting for you. but you are no longer here to open them. >> that christmas tree will stay up through the end of this year. the public is encouraged to leave a message there and place a handwritten ornament. 6:34. we are following developing news in san jose. police are investigating a fatal stabbing. ktvu janine de la vega is on the scene and tells us what
6:36 am
police say may have led up to the violence. janine. >> reporter: this all happened here on oakland road near brokaw. investigators are now gathering evidence. they are inside the business that you see there with a light on called the agency. they are saying that is where the stabbing happened. just around 3:00 this morning police were called to the agency photography studio here. officers say a party with about 30 people was going on when suddenly a fight broke out and a man got stabbed at least once in the stomach. he was rushed to the hospital where he died shortly after. police say they don't know what this argument was about. >> they are being cooperative at this point but we don't have the answers of who all was there. because there is quite a few people that left the scene. >> reporter: one guest told us off camera that this was a graduation party but he was too emotion mall to speak to -- emotional to speak to us on
6:37 am
camera. we do know the man who died was in his 30s. his identity has not been released yet. we are unsure of the victim's connection to the business yet. but we do know that this is san jose's 45th homicide of the year. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. our time 6:36. more bad weather rain, high winds moving into the bay area right now. ktvu lorraine blanco live at the richmond san rafael bridge. so how is it out there now? >> reporter: it's not raining yet but you can see the wind is picking up here on the richmond san rafael bridge. if you take a look up you can see the flags waving in the wind. you can also hear the flag poles out here rattling. rosemary says the wind gusts are 20-25 miles an hour right now. as we approach the bridge over here on the toll plaza, we could feel the wind blowing our live van around. but there is no wind advisory as of now on this bridge.
6:38 am
and traffic does not appear to be effected at this time. on the bay bridge, however, there is a wind advisory in effect for the next few hours. drivers give yourself extra time and if you're in a high profile vehicle like us, of course slow down. as for the slick roads, it's not raining, it is raining right now north of us. it hasn't quite hit us on the bridge here. we are expecting the wet weather to move toward us very soon. if and when it comes down to this area we'll be on it. for now we are reporting live at the toll plaza on the richmond san rafael bridge lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. and those winds and the rain coming in means you better pack your patience if you will be flying out of sfo or waiting to pick someone up there. allie rasmus is live with new information on some delays as thousands of passengers are trying to get away for the holidays. >> reporter: that is right this is one of the peak travel days
6:39 am
for sfo with 130,000 people expected to pass through this airport. this is a long line for people waiting to check their luggage outside the virgin american check out counter. the delays and cancellations we are learning about may not effect most of the people you see here. if you're onlying to the airport later today, keep in mind you may have some delays to deal with. let's show you the inside of the airport with the security line. it's very busy this morning. because of expected weather and a low ceiling, the faa says it has put the traffic management program inin effect for sfo. that means starting at 9:00, this airport won't be able to use all of the runways because of the weather. and that could mean delays according to the faa of up to four hours for flights scheduled to arrive here at sfo. now this is supposed to effect flights coming in and out of the airport after 9:00 a.m. our time. it is having a ripple effect on some earlier flights. the airport duty manager says
6:40 am
to expect 30-60 minute delays for many departing flights leaving sfo. so far 15 departing flights have been canceled. 12 arriving flights have also been canceled. again this is the busiest travel day of the holiday season for san francisco international with 130,000 people coming through. so the crowds and some of the new cancellations and delays we were just learning about could make things difficult for travelers today. so the advice as always is to check your individual airline before you head to the airport. but you may want to give yourself extra time and be aware the weather coming into the bay area today could effect your travel plans. live at sfo i'm lie rasmus. >> thank you. time now 6:39. let's check in with sal. everybody behaving at the toll plaza? >> that is right there is a small crowd there. there is a little bit of a wait but it's not as it normally would be. let's take a look at the toll plaza. you can see a live picture of
6:41 am
the traffic. it's about a five minute delay. no problems getting on the bridge. it's a little windy on the bridge as you have been hearing. this morning speaking of the winds san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic looking good. just remember to be mindful of where your car is. san jose traffic that looks pretty good. we are looking at the nimitz freeway we don't have a huge backup. in newark we do have news chopper 2 looking at a big crowd for shoes. they are getting ready to buy the air jordans. 6:40 let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. a messy weekend in time for the big holiday travel. we've got mostly cloudy skies over the bay bridge this morning. oaklandering south still reporting mostly cloudy but dry conditions. this is where the rain it continues to fall over parts of the north bay. both santa rosa and areas near st. helena reporting .70 of
6:42 am
rain reported so far. so the rain continues to fall here. you can see moderate to heavy at times from clearlake down into st. helena. i have watched it on and off turn light to moderate to heavy. and now we have moderate to heavy rain falling along calistoga. off the coastline we have plenty of moisture. still pooling in. this is shifting south. it's taking its time but eventually we will all see this rain. in addition to the rain, we've got winds out there. sal touched on it a moment ago. here it is anywhere from 10-20 miles an hour around the bay. even wind advisory for the coast san francisco and alodge the pins -- and along the peninsula. the gusts to could reach 50 miles an hour. the rain will be move into the sierra and eventually we will see some snow. i see the snow line right about blue canyon. winter storm warn willing be triggered this morning and remain in place until 10:00 sunday night. looking at the possibility of
6:43 am
whiteout conditions. if you are traveling to the sierra be prepared for that. here at home anywhere from a tenth inch of rain to half inch. for most of the bay area over the north bay half inch to an inch. just with today's system. wind advisory until 10:00. the rain this morning will taper off to scattered showers for the afternoon. a second storm on saturday. a third storm on sunday. and it looks like we could be a bit soggy monday into tuesday. overnight lows at this hour the temperatures not so bad. i'll have a look at your current conditions and i'll have a timeline on that weekend rain coming up. thank you. 6:42. there may be a new way to track bay area traffic problems. how it could help to ease the commute in the future.
6:44 am
orever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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welcome back. good morning, to you. stormy weather pulling into the bay area this morning. we've got light to moderate rain moving into san rafael as well as sauce roadway toe. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:45. that happened just a few minutes ago. trinity church in newtown, connecticut ringing their church bell 26 times.
6:47 am
it was for the 26 people killed in last friday's school shooting. a nation-wide moment of silence was held at 6:30 this morning. president obama and the first lady they were taking part from the white house. back here at home san jose police are investigating a fatal stabbing that happened early this morning at a business park. janine de la vega is there. she is pulling together the latest information. she'll have a live report coming up at 7:00. and 130,000 passengers expected to go through sfo today. this is expected to be the busiest travel day of the holiday season. all of this is a new winter storm is baring down on the bay area. right now sfo is having some delays of up to an hour. that may get worse as the day moves on. a hit and run driver in vallejo killed a man who was walking his dog. the victims were found at the intersection of sudder and louisiana streets yesterday
6:48 am
morning. the man was a 64-year-old named thomas. he was on his regular morning walk with his dog tommy when they were hit. thomas died at north bay hospital in fairfield. his dog died at the scene. thomas' friends said he was well known in the neighborhood. >> all kinds of young people. they don't care. they will hit you and keep going. they will hit a dog and keep going. >> they were going too fast for the neighborhood and left him for dead. did not stop. >> neighbors say too many cars speed down sudder to avoid sonoma boulevard. police want to hear from anyone about information about the driver or car. 6:47. in chicago one of two men who escaped from a chicago jail has been captured. joseph banks and kenneth conley made a rope out of bed sheets. they actually repelled climbed 20 stories out of a cell and escaped. banks was arrested yesterday afternoon after an fbi search.
6:49 am
conley the other inmate he is still out there on the loose. all right it is 6:47. we want to check in with sal see what is happening on this friday morning. the friday before christmas. >> it is the friday before christmas. one of the things we'll watch is the people going to the malls. speaking of the malls there is a huge line already for the air jordan shoes at the new park mall. about 300 people there in line. if you're going to the new park mall expect a police presence and a lot of people. out to the bay bridge toll plaza we go where actually we are skipping around here. we are going to the maps. i want to mention the traffic on the senator mccain sam and the -- on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge is moving along pretty well. i think we do have the toll plaza. it's lighter than usual. this is first day of the week i can say we're having the holiday effect with christmas being on tuesday. some people on this friday are not going to work. let's go to rosemary. good morning, to you. we have breezy conditions over
6:50 am
the bridges this morning. the bay bridge and the san rafael richmond. take it easy. the rain is on the way. if you're overren another north bay the rain has not let up. we have steady rain -- just about an hours time. light to moderate at times. clearlake down all the way to calistoga. light to moderate to heavy rain at times. we are watching it pull in along the coastline. you can see moderate rain falling in areas over sausalito and areas north into san rafael. now we are beginning to see a few light sprinkles. north beach the sunset district and over the marie that. this is going to continue to shift south and as it does it will continue to bring rain all the way down into the south bay. we are going to be pretty much at a loss. rain and through the morning hours and scattered showers through the second half of the day. temperatures we've got a milder air mass in place and shows in
6:51 am
the numbers. take a look. 54-degrees in oakland. 53 in san francisco. upper 40s in novato. low 50s in concord. these numbers anywhere from 10- 20-degrees warmer than yesterday morning. the rain tapering off to scattered showers for your evening hours. afternoon highs mid to upper 50s. wind advisory for san francisco and the coast will expire at 10:00 this morning. winter storm warning will last all weekend long. there is your extended forecast. more rain in the works for saturday as well as sunday. and we'll leave in a chance for christmas evening christmas day. i'll bring you that timeline coming up. it's ten minutes before 7:00. a new study may help to ease gridlock in the bay area. researchers at mit and uc berkeley use data from cell phone towers and gps devices to track driving patterns and find trouble spots. they looked at san rafael, oakland, san ramon, dublin, and hey ward and were able to get
6:52 am
specific data on drivers in those areas. >> one of the key things of the finding is that now we have a sense of who we should ask to drive a little bit later or earlier to relieve the congestion. >> the data could be used to place metering lights and how to run them. shoppers only have four more days to finish their holiday gift buying. tomorrow is the busiest shopping day of the month despite a stormy weather forecast here and across the country. one retail expert says super saturday could be a bigger shopping day tores than black friday. and some stores are cutting prices so they don't end up with merchandise after the holidays. i know that is good news for you mr. clark since you haven't gotten started yet. >> i'm all ready to start. time now 6:51. take aim at ammunition how san francisco is considering a
6:53 am
first of its kind plan to reduce gun violence. a rate hike resulting from the san bruno pipeline explosion. the extra charge you could see soon on your pg&e bill.
6:54 am
6:55 am
stocks opening sharply lower on wall street as house
6:56 am
republicans called off a vote on wall street and left talks in disarray ten days before sweeping tax increases and government spending cuts take effect. taking a live look at the big board you can see the dow currently down 120. the nasdaq down 1.5% down 45. and the s & p down 16. we are also following developing news from newark. wow are looking live over new park mall. you can see a large crowd scene police presence all these people are waiting for the new air jordan shoes to go on sale. time now 6:a. memorial will be held today for a high school football star from concord. 17-year-old month trillion blakely was shot to death saturday in the bay view district as he visited relatives. the search for suspects continue. the vigil tonight begins at 7:00 p.m. at concord high school. blakely's teammates are trying
6:57 am
to raise money for his funeral. they will be selling christmas ornaments. san francisco supervisors are expected to debate a new proposal next month on reducing gun violence. san francisco mayor ed lee and greg suhr introduced the first of its kind legislation. it focuses on ammunition. making it illegal for nonpolice officers to have hollow point bullets. >> ammunition that has been designed especially by law enforcement for military use has no reason to be in our homes and on our streets. >> officials also want to require gun dealers to call the police if anyone buys more than $500 rounds of ammunition at one time mayor lee acknowledged that proposal could face legal challenges but says something has to be done to reduce violence in the city. 6:56. pg&e customers will see their bills go up to pay for improvementslated to the 2010
6:58 am
gas pipeline explosion in san bruno. state regulators have approved a plan for a two-year rate increase that is expected to bring in $299 million. the funds will be used to replace and upgrade hundreds of miles of gas transmission lines. the 2010 explosion in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> they blew up our town. they killed eight people and the commission today is gifting them on a profit on the rebuilding they should have done a long time ago. >> residential customers will see their monthly bills go up an average 88 cents next year. time now 6:57. sal, what is happening on 280? >> we are looking at traffic that looks good in downtown san jose. there goes cal train. 15 minute delay there is. bay bridge toll plaza is right. if you are driving on the peninsula to the airport that should be pretty good.
6:59 am
let's go to rosemary. really dumping over parts of the north bay. take a look at this. if i get in just a little closer, we've got pretty good rain falling over areas near san rafael and fairfax and mill valley. just take it easy. it will be breezy and wet. back to you. coming up on mornings on 2, we will have more on how people around the nation and beyond pause to mark the tragedy in newtown, connecticut half an hour ago. also sfo bracing for a busy holiday travel day and more bad weather move into the bay area. stay right here with us.

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